Meeting Minutes



October 28, 2017


  1. Vote to approve minutes from last meeting
    1. Approved
  2. Updates
    1. OCSJ official status to be confirmed with CSJ
    2. CSJ@OSU is official, Dollarhide is faculty advisor
    3. CSJ Research Chair
      1. Meeting at ACES
      2. Position statements
        1. Presented to ACA
        2. One paragraph for the national level
          1. Delilah and Lindsay to work together on
      3. CSJ Research activities and CSJ@OSU
      4. You are welcome to attend also


  1. OCSJ Status
    1. Membership information and dues
    2. Financial status will determine activities
      1. Lindsay planning to reach out to branch manager of bank for OCA account
    3. T-shirt option eventually


  1. Spring activity
    1. Do we want to try to organize something for this spring?
      1. Might need more membership, more funding to build up to event
      2. Day of service option – affordable
      3. Cris 5k for refugees
        1. Potentially sponsor event in future years – cost of $500+
        2. Create a team to participate in the 5k event
        3. Soup kitchen volunteer day?
        4. Identify a service day as a group – MLK Day of Service – Jan. 15th


  1. AOCC
    1. OCA meeting: 12 to 1:30pm, Nationwide 1 meeting room
      1. DO and CD to attend
    2. OCSJ meeting: 4 to 5pm, November 9th, location TBA
      1. Create survey to be automated monthly via google forms regarding different event ideas, interests, etc. to send to our members
      2. Give award at event – to person or organization
        1. CRIS for award- Community Refugee and Immigration Services
      3. Purposes of meeting
        1. Talk about nominations for President Elect, 2018-2019 to become President 2019-2020
        2. Stickers and Magnets
        3. Ask attendees to talk about what they want from OCSJ
        4. Other ideas for discussion
    3. OCSJ table at Division Showcase: Thursday, November 9th, 6 to 7:30pm, Delaware Ballroom Foyer
      1. Stickers and Magnets
      2. Candy
      3. Handouts about OCSJ
      4. Email sign up list


  1. Website




    1. Write a social justice frame for a contemporary issues
      1. Each of us pick a topic, write 3 paragraphs, position statements about specific social injustice
      2. DO – Prison System
      3. CD – Kneeling
      4. NF – Microaggressions in schools (i.e., insult, invalidation, etc.), transgender students