Position Statement on Systemic Racism & Police Brutality

The Ohio Counselors for Social Justice, on behalf of its members and Executive Board, is calling out the impact of systemic racism that led to the murders of countless African Americans in the form of police brutality and racially motivated acts. 

As we approach Juneteenth 2020, what has historically been a celebration of “Freedom” and “Jubilee” is scarred with reminders of the injustices that continue to plague People of Color residing in this country.  Specific to African Americans, systemic racism has continued to impact this community, and these unlawful murders, most recently George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, further exacerbates the pain, suffering, and injustice experienced by the African American community.  The Ohio Counselors for Social Justice acknowledge and recognize the impact of these murders and stand in solidarity with the individuals, families, and communities who continue to be oppressed by racism that is concurrently overt and covert, interpersonal and systemic, intentional and unintentional.

While we will applaud and recognize the need for celebration with respect to Juneteenth 2020, centuries of systemic oppression magnifies the constant cries for freedom, equality, and justice in response to the suffering of Blacks and African Americans.  

We condemn the use of excessive police force and racially motivated acts.  We recognize that the racial inequalities witnessed and experienced within law enforcement represent institutional racism that remains entrenched within society, policy, and practice. We call for those who hold power and privilege to take an active role and utilize their power to dismantle the shackles of systemic racism that continue to impede growth for this and other minorities. 

We are steadfast in our mission to empower, unite, and support counselors in the promotion of social justice throughout Ohio by identifying and confronting oppressive systems of power and privilege that affect our clients, our profession, and our state. While we remain passionate in our fight, we also encourage the American Counseling Association and our local Ohio Counseling Association to remain consistent with doing the difficult but necessary work of self-evaluation, advocacy for systemic equity, and purging of internalized racism at the individual and organizational levels. 

Please view our website for resources, as well as ways to get involved with OCSJ and other agencies working to combat systemic racism.