CRIS  Community Refugee & Immigration Services (CRIS) is an independent non-profit organization that serves the growing refugee and immigrant populations in Central Ohio. We have over 60 staff members that hail from more than 15 countries with many languages represented.

DreamActivist Ohio We are a group of Undocumented Immigrant Youth fighting for our (yours and mine) collective dignity. We will no longer tolerate the oppression our communities are facing and ask you to join us in our struggle. We hope to build, a more faithful and loving environment in which all are welcomed & respected. We believe that art is an invaluable tool in this regard as it often illuminates the gaps superficial realities overlook.

US Together US Together Inc., (UST) was founded in 2003 in response to the growing needs of refugees and immigrants in central Ohio. UST is a mutual assistance agency, which means it was started and is still run by former refugees.  The agency’s founders have worked with immigrant and refugee populations since 1988.


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